2016 Minnesota Mashout

The 2016 Minnesota Mashout is coming soon and there are BIG changes to the styles relative to previous years.

What isn't changing is the general date (January 29 and 30, 2016) and the location (again at the wonderful Grumpy's in Roseville, MN).

Time Until the 2016 Mashout


From the 2002 inaugural Mash-Out (L-R) Al Boyce, Steve Piatz, Steve Fletty, Jeff Cotton.

Founded in 2002 as the Upper Mississippi Mash-Out, the Minnesota Mashout has grown into one of the largest homebrew contests in the country. The first year of the contest drew less than 200 entries but in recent years has drawn nearly 1000 entries from coast to coast.

Founded by Al Boyce, Jeff Cotton, Steve Fletty, and Steve Piatz as a contest run by brewers for brewers, the original goal was twofold:

  • To provide contest entrants with fast and useful feedback
  • To award brewing excellence.

Since then, we have expanded its mission to include fostering beer appreciation and education. Each year, we pick a theme and brings in noted speakers or brewers to interact with contest attendees.

The contest derived its original name from the song Upper Mississippi Shakedown by The Lamont Cranston Band.


The Minnesota Mashout is a qualifying event for the High Plains Brewer of the Year award, the Midwest Homebrewer of the Year award, and the Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing (MCAB) competition.


The Minnesota Mashout is sponsored by the Minnesota Home Brewers Association and the St. Paul Home Brewers Club.


The recommended hotel for those visiting the Minnesota Mashout is the Country Inn & Suites by Carlson which has now changed it's location.

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Giving Back

Food Shelf

Southern Anoka Community Assistance (SACA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit food shelf and community assistance program located in Columbia Heights. SACA serves the communities of Columbia Heights, Fridley, Spring Lake Park and Hilltop. SACA is able to serve the less fortunate in our communities with the following programs for eligible residents:

  • Emergency Food Program
  • Thrift Store – open to the public
  • Christmas Toys and Holiday Dinner Distribution
  • School Supplies Distribution
  • Mobile Food Service for Seniors
  • Referrals to Appropriate Agency Resources

Southern Anoka Community Assistance has been a strong community presence since 1976. The SACA staff and board members believe that help is compassion and integrity is strength. Our goal is that no child will ever have to go hungry in our community. With your help, SACA is currently able to serve over 550 families and seniors in crisis every month.

Church Hill Primary School

Church Hill Primary School is located in Santoy, Hanover, Jamaica. Its such a small town that one is hard pressed to find it on any map. When most people think Jamaica they think sandy beaches, ocean and delicious rum drinks.

In actuality most of the Jamaicans don't live near the beach and life is very hard. Daily attendance at school was estimated at only 62 per cent for the children of the poorest quintile, far from the national average of 92.5 per cent. About 62 per cent of absences were due to lack of money for transportation, textbooks, school fees or uniforms. In the last decade the percentage of children who reach grade 5 had dropped nearly 10% (all data from UNICEF).

Our friend Nav Harvey teaches at Church Hill and continues to petition for available funds to no avail. The teachers do the best they can with extremely limited and outdated materials in classes where the kids outnumber the them 40:1. Here is somewhere that 100% of our funds will absolutely help out instantly. The kids sent us these wonderful pictures.

We can be contacted using these addresses:


This year's banquet is going to follow last year's format again, but this time we are doing a beer-pairing dinner with beers from the great folks at Goose Island. The cost is $60/person (just like last year) and you can buy your tickets soon.

Date: January 30th 2016

Time: 6:00PM (doors open at 5:30PM)

Location: Grumpy's Roseville

The awards banquet starts sometime after 7:45PM. If you are just coming for the awards portion (that's free), please wait in Grumpy's (grab a nice beer from their great selection of taps) until the doors open.

Here's what you get:
  • your choice of meal (see below)
  • Commemorative glass
  • Raffle ticket
  • Goose Island beers paired with each course
  • A great night with great food not standing in -40F weather drinking frozen beer


  • Strawberry Salad
  • Chinese salad
  • Carved Center Cut Sirloin with au jus
  • Chicken mole
  • Green bean casserole
  • Veg medley
  • Baby reds
  • White cheddar mashed
  • Tres Leche Cake
  • Tiramisu - one sheet
Vegetarian option:
  • Stuffed Salmon with herb cream sauce


Friday: Steve Piatz will talk about mead and his mead book.

Steve Piatz is one of the founders of the Upper Mississippi MashOut and is a member of both the Saint Paul Homebrewers Club and the Minnesota Homebrewers Association. He has written articles for both Brew Your Own and Zymurgy. He has presented at the AHA NHC. He has given presentations about brewing and judging in multiple countries. He has given regional presentations about mead making. He has been involved with many local programs to help people prepare for the BJCP exams. He has won numerous medals for his meads and beers, wining Best-Of-Shows with both beers and meads and was the AHA Mead Maker of the Year in 2008. He is currently a BJCP Grand Master VI judge (second to only Gordon Strong). He became a BJCP exam grader in1999 and has been directly involved in grading over 2100 exams since then. He has been a BJCP Exam Director since 2004.

Saturday: Jace will talk about sour beers.

Piss Up

Friday Night Piss Up

Everyone who participates in the Minnesota Mashout by volunteering in some capacity can participate in most of the piss up events. No friends, family, or loved ones can participate unless they have volunteered in some capacity. These are events for all the volunteers to get a chance to unwind and have some fun and drink a bunch of stuff you wouldn't usually get to have. Previosu pissups have been a great success so we are making it better this year.

Sober cabs, as always, are welcome as we'll have some soft drinks on hand. Additionally, we'll have some chow and such to help temper the deliciousness of the great stuff we will be drinking. As always, feel free to bring any home brew you'd like to share.

Please remember that alcohol is being served and this is basically a bar setting and with that comes some degree of colorful language. The Minnesota Mashout reserves the right to bounce anyone excessively drunk or abusive, etc, etc. Let's just have fun.

Enough with the drivel, on to what we'll actually be doing.

Kristen England - 2016 Minnesota Mashout Organizer

Cellar Beer Tasting

The main event of the evening. This is an idea I stole from my buddy Jeff Halvorsen. It's actually very simple yet brilliant. I also am surprised he came up with it. It's a shared 'cellared beer' tasting. We'll then have a few pouring stations and announce what we are pouring and who brought it. The person who brought it gets the first pour. All beers will be available for everyone to try as we'll be doing away with the 'tasting' system we did last year. Inasmuch, the vetting process will be much more rigorous so please outdo yourselves and bring some great stuff. In order to participate you must bring a COMMERCIALLY made beer, cider or mead (or a few) to share. As was already said, these are not to be ordinary brews but special ones that you have either been saving or always wanted to try. These beers will be vetted and listed below as we get them. Everyone that wants to participate must email here and say what they would like to bring. 100% RSVP ... No walk-in's allowed so plan ahead. Any unopened beers will become property of the Minnesota Mashout. Don't be cheap! Its time to crack open that archive case and bring some really great stuff. It was a great event last year so lets make it even better this year. A very important point here. NO HOME BREW ALLOWED. If you do bring homebrew to share with others (and please do) it won't count towards this event.



  1. We will only accept online entries and online payment.
  2. No refunds. Period.
  3. The Minnesota Mashout accepts no responsibilty for entries that are damaged during shipping or do not arrive at an approved shipping destination within the time limits.
  4. Bottles much have the official entry labels (printed as part of the online entry process) attached to them.
  5. All other entries will be disqualified!
  • Anyone of legal age may enter.
  • Beers must be entered under the name of all brewers who helped.
  • Beers brewed in commercial facilities are ineligible.
  • Shipped entries must be received by January 8th, 2016.
  • Late entries will not be accepted.
Entry Fee
  • $8 per entry.
  • Electronic payment ONLY. No cash. No checks.
Entry Requirements: Mead and Cider
  • Brewers may enter multiple entries in the mead and cider categories.
  • Each entry must be unique.
Entry Requirements: Multiple Entry Sub-Categories

For 2012, the following categories allow entrants to enter more than one beer per subcategory:

  • 16e - Belgian Specialty Ale
  • 17f - Sour Ale - Fruit Lambic
  • 20 - Fruit Beer
  • 21a - Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
  • 21b - Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer
  • 22b - Other Smoked Beer
  • 22c - Wood-Aged Beer
  • 23 - Specialty Beer
  • 24 - Traditional Mead
  • 25 - Melomel (Fruit Mead)
  • 26 - Other Mead
  • 27 - Standard Cider and Perry
  • 28 - Specialty Cider and Perry

Two (2) 10-14 oz. bottles are required for each entry.

Entry Requirements: Other Categories
  • Brewers are limited to one entry per sub-category.
  • Two (2) 10-14 oz. bottles are required for each entry.
Entry Requirements: All Categories
  • Print your labels prior to the end of the entry deadline.
  • Attach one label to each bottle using a rubber band ONLY.
  • Bottles must be free of labels or other identifying marks.
  • Specialty bottle are allowed only with explicit permission. Contact info@mashout.org for further information if necessary.
  • All entries MUST be registered ONLINE - no paper entries allowed. (Please contact the webmaster if you have problems with the registration database.)
General Notes
  • The 2008 BJCP style categories are available at the BJCP site.
  • All 2008 BJCP categories of Beer, Mead, And Cider will be accepted.
  • The competition committee reserves the right to combine or split categories based on number of entries.
  • All possible effort will be made to combine similar styles.
  • All brews in combined categories will be judged according to the style they were originally entered in.
  • A minimum of 20 categories will be established for judging and awards.
  • In the first round, each judge will score 5-10 entries selecting the best three.
  • If a second round is necessary, the second round will consist of the top three entries selected in the first round.
  • All entries will be evaluated by more than one judge.
  • Entries will be chilled and stored properly and appropriately for the style.
  • Entries will be disqualified for rules infractions. These entries will be judged if possible, but not eligible for awards and prizes.
  • All decisions of the judges and competition committee are final.
  • All entries become the property of the Minnesota Mashout. No entries will be returned for any reason.


Judging Sessions

Judging will take place on Friday January 29th and Saturday January 30th, 2016.

Friday Sessions

Friday judges will be limited to no more than three judging sessions in order to prevent palate fatigue.

Saturday Sessions

Lunch will be provided for Saturday judges and stewards who volunteer at least two sessions.


We have a limited number of volunteer spots available. To sign up as a judge or steward, visit the sign up page.



  1. We will only accept online entries and online payment.
  2. No refunds. Period.
  3. Once entries have been received at an approved location, within the approved timeframe, then the Mashout takes responsibility for the entries.
  4. The Minnesota Mashout accepts no responsibilty for entries that are damaged during shipping or do not arrive at an approved shipping destination within the time limits.
  5. Bottles much have the official entry labels (printed as part of the online entry process) attached to them.
  6. All other entries will be disqualified!
Drop Off and Shipping:


Ship Entries to: Drop-off only:


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